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Alpha SafeNet Portable Overwatch Device

The Alpha SafeNet Portable Overwatch Device configuration is deployed on the roadside at the time of a traffic disruption. When activated, the system will create a straight, invisible, electronic barrier, thus protecting the work zone or traffic incident scene. If this barrier is crossed by a distracted driver, the Overwatch technology will sound a rear-facing horn alarm. If heeded, the driver can self-correct and the horn will discontinue. Personnel at the scene will also be alerted of the driving transgression and may quickly take action to escape the danger.


Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for a variety of safety applications and deployments
  • Utilizes LiDAR laser technology
  • Head removable and stores in unit
  • Sound assembly fully onboard & self-contained within the case
  • Portable & convenient wheels/handle
  • Built-in flashing warning lights – custom color configurations available.
  • 20+ hr onboard, rechargeable battery
  • Only 35 pounds portable
  • Audibly alert the distracted driver
  • Audibly alert the site personnel
  • Discontinues alarm after correction
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use
  • Manual targeting in daylight and dark
  • Effective 370+ feet in most conditions
  • Smart Capable Waze® (optional)



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