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Pi-Lit Smart Sequential Road Flares

The pi-lit smart flare incorporates a  radio-linked network to automatically sequence the flash. Approaching drivers see a sequentially-lit string of flares much like a runway landing strip that guides traffic around the incident or work zone. They are easy to deploy and provide advanced traffic guidance and safety.

Feature and Benefits

• Sequential Flashing Patterns Advanced warning through guidance

• Tilt Sensor – automatically selects best light source

• Rapid Deployment System automatically turns on/syncs flare

• Make cones an active warning Brightly illuminates a traffic cone

• Crush Proof (Independent lab 50,000 lbs. crush strength)

• IP67 Rating

• Cost Effective; Short Return on Investment (ROI)

• Reverse flash direction – Deploy in the reverse order

• 20+ hour runtime (flash pattern dependent)



• 2.4 Ghz radio-communication (FCC compliant)

• 50+ feet (15 meters) range on ground (330 meters on top of cone)

• IP67 rated; rugged and can withstand 50,000 lbs static load

• 3,000+ feet (1,000 meter) visibility with 360-degree horizontal viewing angle and 180-degree vertical projection

• Supplied with: Carrying/charging case, 12/24V car charger, and 110/240V wall charger. 6 hour recharge time from a completely depleted battery.

• 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Designed, engineered and produced in the USA




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