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AutoFlagger AF-76X Automated Flagging Assistance Device


Our AF-76x Automated Flagger Assistance Device sets the standard in work zone safety.  Our flagging devices demand a driver’s attention. This easy-to-operate system increases the safety of workers by allowing enabling one person to operate two flaggers from a safe vantage point.



  • High-visibility signs and overall mast height easily alert motorists that flagging is in effect
  • A distinct 36” sign head that rotates STOP/SLOW
  • Easy enough for one person to set-up
  • Trailers nest together for easy towing as a single trailer
  • Multi-position trailer outriggers increase stability even on uneven terrain
  • Safe operation of one or two signs by a single operator remotely
  • Technology prevents both signs from displaying the same message simultaneously
  • Visual feedback from both the handheld transceiver and strobe lights located on the top/sides
  • A very rugged and weatherproof design


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