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AutoFlagger AF-54 Automated Flagging Assistance Device


Our Automated Flagger Assistance Devices are simple-to-operate systems that increase flagger safety. They allow a single person to remotely operate two AFADS from a safe point or near the work zone.


A handheld, remote control, operates the Automated Assistance Flagging Devices.  RF Transceivers ensure that the AFAD is monitored continuously.  The remote also ensures that it is not possible for both signs to simultaneously display amber signals without deliberately reprogramming.



Worker safety is enhanced as the operator can remain in a safe location, away from traffic, with a clear view of the work zone. The operator of the AFAD can observe vehicles at both end of the zone.  They can also monitor each crew members position and adjust the flow of traffic to allow for movement of construction equipment.  Warning horns on the Automated Flagger Assistance Devices alert both workers and motorists of potential concerns.  The warning horns can be activated by either the operator or by a car striking the gate arm.



The gate arms also reinforce the existing work zone.  The breakaway arms cab be easily restored to an operational position if tapped by a vehicle. The arms will stop descending and will not inflict damage upon the car. Reflective “STOP HERE ON RED” signs, gate arms and 12-inch-diameter red along with amber LED signal faces will communicate to the motorist that a flagging operation is taking place.


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