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Radar Trailer Sign

Radar speed signs – also known as driver feed back signs, speedcheck signs, radar speed displays and “Your Speed” signs among other terms – work by refocusing driver attention on their current speed. Studies show that well-designed radar speed signs are highly effective at slowing cars – particularly around school zones, neighborhood streets and work zones.


  • Configurable activation, violation and speed settings
  • Changeable digits for regulatory sign, stored in battery box
  • Opticallensesandsunshadesover18-inch LED characters ensure superior legibility
  • Approach-only K-band radar measures speeds from 5 to 150 mph (8 to 240 km/h), at a distance of up to 1500 feet (450 meters)
  • Software-controlled selection of speed units, mph or km/h
  • Radar unit is CE compliant, FCC approved • Extended height increases visibility
  • Locking control box prevents tampering
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Can be towed by most vehicles


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