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Non reflective pavement buttons are 4” in diameter and are usually used in a pattern in conjunction with reflective markers. These patterns usually consist of a leading reflective marker with...

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3M Wet Reflective Removable Tape

Removable high performance wet reflective pliant polymer pavement marking material intended for longitudinal line applications in highway construction work zones where removability is required. Remains visible in rainy conditions. The...

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Removable Pavement Tape

Details Removable pavement marking tape provides a bright, well delineated channel to guide motorists safely through construction zones and work crew areas. It is exceptionally quick and easy to install,...

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Temporary Overlay Markers (TOM)

Depending on weather conditions, TOMs are often required to last several weeks until paint can be applied. TOMs are manufactured and stocked in two standard colors, white and yellow, and...

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Butyl Pads

Pressure sensitive, self-adhesive pad capable of securing markers to asphalt or concrete....

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5 Bundy Adhesive Pads

Bundy adhesives are used for raised pavement markers. They can be installed using a heat torch. Features Exceptional bond No temperature restrictions Preformed shape – no waste – no mixing...

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