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Chip Seal Markers – Temporary Pavement Markers (TRPM)

TRPMs are the most effective and convenient product on the market that provides short-term temporary road markings both day and night.

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TRPMs hold the original lane line location in chip, slurry or fog seal road maintenance operations. TRPMs are manufactured with one or two clear covers. These covers are designed to be removed after the sealing process to restore reflectivity to the marker. Other products exist that claim to be easy to use and provide good delineation, but only TRPMs are durable enough for use on both low volume and interstate highways.

TRPMs are manufactured with virgin engineering resins and the best reflective tapes and adhesives. They are built tough to stand up to the demands of maintenance work zones.

TRPMs are manufactured and stocked in two standard colors, white and yellow, and can be made with one or two clear, protective covers. All TRPMs feature a factory-applied high tack butyl adhesive pad that provides for a “peel and stick” quick installation to the roadway.

Size: 4” x 1.125” x 2”

Marker Type

Type W1- White 1 Way, Type W1- White 1 Way Double Cover, Type W2- White 2 Way, Type Y1- Yellow 1 Way, Type Y2 – Yellow 2 Way, Type Y2- Yellow 2 Way Double Cover


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