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CrashGard Temporary Attenuator

CrashGard Sand Barrel System is a non-redirective, gating sand barrel, or crash cushion. Sand barrels are designed to protect fixed objects, whether permanent or temporary. Sand barrels are designed to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle impacting the object.



  • MASH Test Level 3- device is eligible for reimbursement under the Federal-aid highway program
  • Blow-molded manufacturing yields a stronger sand barrel.
    UV stabilizers maximize product life. Color-stable pigments resist fading
  • Withstands minor impacts during routine handling when; filling or dumping, loading or unloading a truck or nesting for storage.
  • Designed for easy transport.
  • Squared bottom half accepts forklifts.
  • Tiered upper half accepts the CrashGard Hoist.
  • Easily apply 4” and 6” reflective sheeting to upper tiers. • Nests easily for convenient storage.

Barrel dimensions: Maximum ballast:

36.0” diameter, 48.0” height.
2,100 lbs. of sand. The barrel is marked externally with the following fill marks: 200, 400, 700, 1,400 and 2,100 lbs.


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