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Raised Pavement Markers

Pavement markers are designed to accomplish 3 main functions. Their first function is to eliminate the requirement of painting lane stripes.

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Raised pavement markers act as a “wake up call” for the driver that wanders out of their lane of travel by making a thumping sound. They also help especially during night time driving. Reflective pavement markers are used to illuminate the lanes for drivers on rainyand dark nights. Usually after a hard rain standing water reduces or eliminates any or all reflectivity of paint with glass beads. Raised pavement markers stand above the pooled water and provide delineation of the travel lane.


Blue 2 Way, Green 2 Way, Red 1 Way, Red/Clear 2 Way, White 1 Way, White 2 Way, Yellow 1 Way, Yellow 2 Way, Yellow/Red 2 Way


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