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LED Dynamic Curve Warning System

Considered one of the most dangerous highway segments drivers encounter, highway curves account for 25 percent of all highway fatalities and produce an average crash rate three times that of other highway segments.

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Whether you need increase curve awareness on two-lane, 55 mph roads or reduce in-curve speeds on multilane expressways, has designed a wide variety of curve warning solutions keep drivers on the road – including the popular BlinkerChevron™ Dynamic Curve Warning System.


  • Multiple flash activation options – including vehicle, speed and weather smart technologies
  • Sequential and simultaneous flash patterns
  • Solar powered for installation in any location
  • Ruggedized BlinkerChevron™ for rigorous external environments
  • Double-sided systems available


  • Two-lane, 55 mph curves
  • High-speed, multi-lane expressway curves
  • Any dangerous horizontal highway curves




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