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SafePace Radar Signs

SafePace Radar Signs …….We’re in Love

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We’re in love! TSSCO would like to introduce you to our new line of SafePace Radar Signs. These radar speed signs are designed to slow cars down and improve road safety.


How Do Radar Signs Work?

Radar speed signs are also known as speed display signs, driver feedback signs, and “your speed” signs.  They have proven extremely effective in slowing drivers down in today’s more distracted environment. It’s hard for drivers, even those that are inattentive, to miss the flashing lights as they pass by.

Radar speed signs were created using the Feedback Loop Theory.  When most people are presented with information about their performance, they tend to improve it. When a typical driver receives a flashing speed message, they tend to become more cautious of the speed limit and their driving speed in relation to it.  Flashing speed radar signs have been shown to slow drivers an average of 10% down the road.

Speeding Car


Do I need a Flashing Radar Sign?

Radar signs are a excellent deterrent for places where speed is a factor in accidents or potential accidents.  High-traffic areas, school zones, city limits, and even workplaces are all excellent candidates for these signs.  Here are some areas that see a benefit with the inclusion of radar signs.


Slowing cars down to safer speeds can make the difference between life and death on community roadways. Slower speeds can save lives. Speed radar signs remind drivers of posted speed limits and also alert them to their current speed. The flashing signs have been shown to change driving behavior and  lower speeds even over time. They have prevented many accidents in communities around the world and can return safety to your neighborhood.

At Work

In warehouses and factories, there are generally rules for operators of machinery to drive at a slow, safe speed to avoid workplace accidents.  Slower speeds are important in these locations. Vehicles need enough time to stop when a pedestrian unexpectedly appears. A driver traveling at 50 mph would need 122 feet to stop when coming across pedestrian but with one at a safer speed of 20 mph can come to a stop in just 20 feet. Enforcing lower speeds decreases the probability of a crash occurring.

At School

A study conducted on safety around schools found that installing driver feedback solutions greatly reduced child pedestrian injury rates. Often drivers are not aware of a lower speed limit or that they have entered a school zone. Flashing speed limit signs warn drivers  of their speed within the school zone. The radar sign includes options to flash digits or strobe light at drivers who exceed threshold speeds.


Portable radar signs have shown to be an effective tool in changing driver behavior.  SafePace driver feedback signs include optional data collection, offering valuable traffic data on when and where speeding is happening. In instances when speeding continues to be an issue despite the use of radar signs, additional traffic data helps target areas for further intervention. We offer an additional enforcement camera and video footage with precise speed detection for use in speed enforcement.


Why SafePace Flashing Radar Signs?

The are several choices when it comes to flashing radar signs. SafePace steps ahead of the competition with signs that are extremely lightweight. These flashing radar signs are portable, making them easy to move around to different locations as needed.  They contain intuitive features such as flashing digits, that clearly alert drivers to speed limits.  The integrated strobe lights warn speeders when they pass the limit that is set. SafePace radar speed signs are also very easy-to-program and contain built-in traffic data collection.


  • Can scroll text for better driver engagement
  • Optical polycarbonite lenses provide 10x better impact resistance
  • Unique and lightweight, thus easier to install
  • Only rotating VMS
  • The only customizable full-matrix sign faces on the market
  • 3 times more battery power
  • Only signs that can display text and and digits simultaneously


SafePace Radar Sign Benefits

SafePace flashing speed radar signs have been installed across the USA, Canada, India, and even in South/Central America. Radar signs can be powered by solar, AC, or batteries, depending on the need. These competitively priced speed display signs are intuitively designed, incorporating elements that reflect the concerns of today’s cities and the habits of today’s drivers.

What Speed Radar Signs are Available?

There are currently two lines available the SafePace and the SafePace Evolution series.  Both lines contain full-matrix radar signs. To see our full-line of radar signs please click HERE

SafePace Evolution Series Radar Signs


All SafePace radar signs include the SafePace Pro software package with its user-friendly interface that allows you to control  sign parameters. Optional data collection gives you invaluable insight into traffic trends and sign performance. You can access all traffic data, as well as manage sign parameters, with remote access from anywhere.


SafePace Cloud


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