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LED Stop BlinkerSign – R1-1

LED Stop BlinkerSign® signs combine flashing LEDs and 3M DG³ reflective sheeting, resulting in the most visible signage available. Powered by an eco-friendly solar panel, BlinkerSign® LED signs deliver the message day and night alike. Ideal for high-incident areas or where new traffic conditions exist.

BlinkerStop® LED STOP signs provide greater awareness for new, high-risk and high-incident intersections where static signs are ineffective.

A majority of intersection-related fatal crashes occur at rural crossings where high-speed major highways intersect lower-speed secondary roads. Vertical and horizontal curves can make it difficult for drivers to identify safe gaps in the oncoming traffic when crossing or turning onto the high-speed road. Realigning intersection approaches and other methods can be time-consuming and expensive, and may lack justification at low-volume rural intersections where local agencies have limited budgets.


  • Can be integrated into an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
  • Optional programming available: around-the-clock operation, off time clocks, push buttons and/or vehicle motion detectors
  • Multiple signs can be synchronized
  • Heightens driver awareness
  • Anti-graffiti film overlay
  • Easy installation
  • Proprietary AutoBright™ circuitry
  • Fully encapsulated wiring protects against inclement weather, tampering and vandalism
  • Day-Viz® daylight visible high intensity LEDs are visible in bright daylight, fog, rain and snow
  • No AC is required. The low power allows for a smaller panel and a cleaner look

BlinkerStop® yielded 52.9% reduction in blow throughs, by increasing visibility at high-incident locations that are able to be noticed day and night. The lighting is visible up to 2 miles away, and features a 30 day autonomy (flashing 24/7)

Blinkersign, R1-1, 30″, Stop, DG3, Red, Solar, 8 Red LEDs, Single Post Mount


Power Source Solar or Ac
Height 24″, 30″, 36″ or 48″
Width 24″, 30″, 36″ or 48″
LED Color Red
Sheeting Color Red
Sheeting Type DG3
Material Aluminum
Activation types 24/7 operation
Shape Octagon




24" x 24", 30" x 30", 36" x 36", 48" x 48"

Activation Type

24/7 Activation, Push Button, Timeclock, Vehicle Speed Sensor


AC, Solar-Powered


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