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LED Solar School Speed Limit Blinkersign -S5-1

Heighten driver awareness in school zones with the Solar School Speed Limit Blinkersign®. The Solar School Speed Limit Blinkersign® features an array of bring LED lights that flash in unison, grabbing the attention of drivers day and night.

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  • Installs Easily Onto Any New or Existing Sign Post
  • Can Be Integrated Into an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
  • High Intensity Day-Viz® LEDs Command Attention Day and Night
  • Can Be Programmed to Operate Continuously (24/7) or On Solar Time Clocks, and/or Motion (Vehicle) Detectors
  • Proprietary Circuitry Automatically Adjusts Light Output for Maximum Usibility and Battery Efficiency
  • Multiple Signs Can Be Synchronized
  • Heightened Driver Awareness
  • Increased Visibility at High Incident Intersections


  • New School Zone Locations
  • High Incident Intersections
  • Rural Roads
Activation Type

24/7 Activation, Timeclock


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