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Curve-Flex CFR In-Ground Delineator

Passed NASHTO and SASHTO Vehicle Impact Testing Ideal for on/off ramps, curves, and other high impact areas.

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Curv-Flex is designed for greater flexibility, enabling high speed vehicle impacts. Because of its greater flexibility, the Curv-Flex may require a small pilot hole in dense soil conditions before installation with PDR-1 Driver.

Material: Composite

Width: 4”(10.2cm) Lengths: 62”(157.5cm),66”(167.6cm), 72”(182.9cm), 78”(198.1cm), 84”(213.4cm)

 Colors: White, Yellow, Green, Blue


62", 66", 72", 78", 84"


Blue, Green, White, Yellow

Need Reflector

No, Yes

Add Anchor

No, Yes


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