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Tuff Post Channelizer

Tuff Post is a high performance channelizer designed to meet the harsh demands of high speed, high traffic areas

Tuff Post has been tested to sustain 50 impacts at 50 MPH with little damage to the unit and to the impacting vehicle, while remaining upright with no vertical lifting. Tuff Post is ideal for exit lane delineation, head-to-head traffic separation, urban turn restrictions, edge line delineation, or anywhere that durable, flexible, high performance channelization is required.

Tuff Posts are available in 4 styles

  •  Flat Top with a 3” x 12” strip of reflective sheeting.
  • Open Top
  • Black Cap
  • Short Squeeze with two (2) 3” bands of reflective sheeting.

Available Lengths: 36”, 42”, and 48”

Colors available are white, orange, and yellow


36", 42", 48"


Orange, White, Yellow


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