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Automated Assistance Flagging Devices

Our Automated Assistance Flagging Devices greatly enhance worker safety.  The operate can safely run the device or devices from a safe vantage point, away from traffic. This also allows the operator of the AFAD can observe monitor  other crew members and adjust the flow of traffic to allow for movement of construction equipment. Warning horns and a large gate help alert motorists to changes throughout the work zone.


  • High-visibility signs and overall mast height easily alert motorists that flagging is in effect
  • A distinct 36” sign head that rotates STOP/SLOW
  • Easy enough for one person to set-up
  • Trailers nest together for easy towing as a single trailer
  • Multi-position trailer outriggers increase stability even on uneven terrain
  • Safe operation of one or two signs by a single operator remotely
  • Technology prevents both signs from displaying the same message simultaneously
  • Visual feedback from both the handheld transceiver and strobe lights located on the top/sides
  • A very rugged and weatherproof design

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