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Solar Flashing LED Beacon

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For decades beacons have used as an enhancement or warning for busy crossings and heavy traffic areas. Recent LED improvement, new regulations for 12″ lenses, and solar power have made this timeless device even more effective and more versatile. The new BlinkerBeacon LED beacon incorporates these new features at a low cost-effective price. Available in single head or dual mount heads with various lens colors and bracket mounts. This system comes standard with 24/7 flashing operation.

Features & Advantages

  • MUTCD Compliant
  • Solar Powered
  • Place in any location
  • No electric bills
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • NEMA box on the back allows for timely maintenance
  • 30 day autonomy
  • Energy Efficient – 13 watt solar panel
  • Patented AutoBright™ circuitry automatically adjusts brightness levels, maintaining optimal LED output and extending battery life


  • School Crossings
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Roadway warnings
  • Construction zones
  • Military facilities
  • Work zones
  • Industrial zones

Other Activation Methods Available

Do you have a unique problem requiring a custom activated BlinkerBeacon® system? For years TSSCO has been providing custom stand-alone solar solutions. These electrical grid independent systems provide reliable warning when needed most-in harsh environments, dangerous areas and remote locations.

  • Climate activation (fog, snow, ice, wind, etc.)
  • Water sensor (flood detection)
  • In-ground inductive loop
  • Overheight detection
  • Temperature sensor
Beacon Type

12" Double Alternating Beacon, 12" Single Amber Beacon, 12" Single Red Beacon


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