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Sequential LED Road Safety Flare

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This compact sequential road safety flare is  designed to take a beating.  The “Ice Cream Sandwich”™ enhances your safety by warning and guiding motorists. Pi-Lit® intelligent technology automatically synchronizes each flare making deployment quick and safe. Just turn on and drop.


Perfect for police, fire, first responders, military, maintenance crews, DOT safety personnel, utility companies,  mass evacuation, etc. the ICS sequential flare is an advancement over random-flashing “hockey pucks” and traditional magnesium perchlorate flame flares. The enhanced warning, no fire hazard, and reusable nature is what makes the ICS sequential flare a better choice than traditional incendiary flares.

Available in both a rechargeable and alkaline battery versions, the sequential flares will allow for multiple deployments on a single charge or battery set. Something you don’t get with traditional incendiary flares. Saving you time and money while keeping you and your personnel safe on the road!

Warn and Guide

“Moving” light is more effective at alerting and guiding drivers than random-flashing stationary patterns. Enhance the safety of your team, family, self by using sequential warning lights.

Save Money

Think of it like this; sparking an incendiary flare is like burning a $2 bill. And that buys you 15 minutes. When was your last 15 minute incident? So you most often are crisscrossing 2 flares at increasing cost. And you do this several times during the incident! Want a vocabulary lession? Onomatopoeia! Cha-ching…5 incidents and you pay for a set of rechargeable sequential Pi-Lit® LED flares…and they keep paying you back.

Protect your Health and the Environment

Flame flares are dangerous, period. Breathing in the magnesium fumes, accidental fire, flammable spills, water runoff pollution, holes in your pants; the list of negatives go on, much like the cost of fuse flares.



Amber, Blue, Orange, Red

Flare Kit Size

10 set, 4 set, 6 set

Flare Type

Alkaline (Includes carrying case), Rechargeable (includes charging case)


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