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SafePace Evolution Radar Speed Sign 18FM

SafePace radar speed signs are designed to slow cars down, to make streets safer for everyone. Speed signs have been proven to be effective, particularly with today’s highly visual, often distracted drivers.

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Also known as speed display signs, driver feedback signs, and “your speed” signs, radar signs operate on the feedback loop theory: when people are presented with information about their performance, they tend to notice and improve.


  • Digit Size:
    • First digit: 18”(h) x 1.5”(w)
    • Other digits: 18”(h) x 8”(w)
  •  Full Size Sign Face Text: Letters 4”(h) spell “YOUR SPEED” fixed message, 1 line
  • Unit alone: 31.625”(h) x 28.25”(w) x 5.625”(d)
  • Unit with “YOUR SPEED” sign mounted: 42”(h) x 30”(w) x 5.625”(d)
  • Sign Weight (includes “YOUR SPEED” sign)
    • AC Powered Model: 28 lbs
    • Battery Powered Model: 28 lbs (not including batteries)
    • Solar Powered Model: 28 lbs (does not include solar panel or bracket)
  • Accessories (optional)
    • 4 Cell Lithium Ion Battery: 4 lbs
    • Lead Acid Battery: 12 lbs

AC, Battery Powered, Solar-Powered


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