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SafePace Evolution 15SD Radar Speed Sign

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  • Digit Size:
    • First digit: 15”(h) x 1.5”(w)
    • Other digits: 15”(h) x 8”(w)
  •  LED Message Text: Letters 5″(h) spell “SLOW DOWN”, 1line
  • Sign Face Text: Letters 4”(h) spell “YOUR SPEED” fixed message, 1 line
  • Unit alone: 31.625”(h) x 28.25”(w) x 5.625”(d)
  • Unit with “YOUR SPEED” sign mounted: 42”(h) x 30”(w) x 5.625”(d)
  • Sign Weight (includes “YOUR SPEED” sign)
    • AC Powered Model: 28 lbs
    • Battery Powered Model: 28 lbs (not including batteries)
    • Solar Powered Model: 28 lbs (does not include solar panel or bracket)
  • Accessories (optional)
    • 4 Cell Lithium Ion Battery: 4 lbs
    • Lead Acid Battery: 12 lbs

AC, Battery Powered, Solar-Powered


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