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PD45 Hydraulic Post Driver

The PD45 Post Driver is the most versatile tool of its type available. The standard PD45 will drive posts
of almost any configuration, including “U” channel, round or square posts.



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  • 7-9 gpm (26-34 lpm) operating flow.
  • Lifting eye.
  • ON/OFF trigger next to guide handle (model dependent).
  • Hose whips.
  • Nitrogen charged accumulator.
  • Guide handles.
  • 65lbs
  • 30″ length



  • PD45131 – In-line valve, hose, couplers
  • PD45132- ON/OFF trigger handle
  • PD45132G- ON/OFF trigger handle, extended anvil for driving posts withing 4 inches of ground
Model Number

PD45131, PD45132, PD45132G


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