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Cast Iron ADA Detectable Warning Tile

Our premium cast iron detectable warning tiles outlast the most demanding pedestrian foot traffic and surfaces subject to snowplows. Our flat-back design minimizes trapped air between the tile and concrete. Corrosion-resistant anchors hold tiles and wedges securely in place. Join tiles into a single assembly with the TT-CONNECTOR to eliminate uneven connection joints and prevent concrete slurry from seeping up between the tiles. Achieve the look of rust without the mess of rust with in-house powder-coated patina finish.

  • 10-year performance warranty*
  • Tile sizes : 2’x1’, 2’x2’, 2’x30”
  • Radius options 9R-70R
  • ADAAG/PROWAG/CA Title 24 Compliant
  • Replaceable and recyclable


In-house powder-coating system was specifically designed for detectable warning tiles. A multi-stage high-pressure wash, rinse, and prep station followed by an epoxy primer ensures superior bonding and long-term adhesion of powder coated finish.

  • UV Stable finish will not fade, chip, or peel
  • ADA compliant wet & dry slip-resistant surface
  • Available in seven colors and unfinished cast iron




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