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Truck-Mount VMS Full-Matrix Variable Message Sign

Product Info

  • Full-matrix display shows text, graphics or both „
  • Two sign sizes—4×8 and 4×6
  • Touchscreen controller
  • Multiple fonts and preprogrammed graphics
  • Preprogrammed extra-bold arrows

Truck-Mount Message Signs feature a higher density of LEDs for superior performance and outstanding legibility.

The new, larger signs feature four LEDs per pixel, with 40-millimeter pixel pitch (center-to-center, horizontal and vertical) and a full 28-pixel height for multi-line messages with large fonts. Two sign sizes are available — 4 × 8 feet for full-size trucks and 4 × 61⁄2 feet for smaller trucks. The full-matrix display can present messages as text, graphics or a combination of both. Select from a variety of 12 installed fonts. Common applications include road striping convoys, pothole repairs, snow removal, road sweeping and crash cushion (TMA) trucks.

For ease of use, the new signs feature full-color touchscreen controller redesigned for truck-mount applications. Most common functions are available right from the home screen. The controller is installed inside the cab for easy access.

An integrated 90-degree tilt-frame raises and lowers the sign using electric actuators, which are operated using the touchscreen controller. The touchscreen even indicates the sign position—up, down or in motion. An optional truck-bed mounting frame raises the sign 52 inches off the bed.

Basic specifications

  • 56 × 28 pixels, 1568 total 1 9/16 in. (40 mm) 97×49in. (247×124cm) 265 lb (120 kg)
  • 48 × 28 pixels, 1344 total 1 9/16 in. (40 mm)82×49 in. (209×124cm) 220 lb (100 kg)
  • Interface Fonts Default font Graphics Power
  • 7-inch color touchscreen controller
  • 12 fonts from 4×5 to 11×23 pixels
  • 5×8 pixels, 7.25″ × 12″ (184 × 303 mm), W × H
  • Preprogrammed, custom and MUTCD-standard, including bold arrows Vehicle alternator


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