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MASSH-400 Sign Support System

The MASSH-400 utilizes a unique, patent pending Redi-Torque multi-directional triangular slip base and Omni-directional hinge system in accordance with AASHTO “Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals”, sixth edition. The MASSH-400 has been successfully crash tested and meets the required MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) Test Level 3 breakaway criteria and is eligible for reimbursement of funds on Federal-aid projects on the National Highway System.

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The MASSH-400 can handle up to 72 ft2 of sign area per post in a 90 mph wind zone. The MASSH-400 has been approved to allow two posts in a 7 ft. span, and one can use 3-4 posts if the sign width allows. The system can hold substantially large signs, commonly mounted on W6x9, W6x12, W6x15, and in some cases even W8x18 beam posts.

The MASSH-400 is not location specific. Once required lengths are determined, the square posts can be cut to length in the field and installed immediately. The simplicity of the product design allows for a quick and easy installation with fewer parts and fewer trips than other sign support systems.

With a stock of spare posts, hinges and hardware, reinstallation can be performed once a sign crew is available. This process will eliminate the need to wait for special fabrication. In most situations, the majority of the MASSH-400 components are undamaged after impact and can be reinstalled quickly with few replacement parts, which will minimize the need for temporary supports.


  • Elevation can be measured and sign support system installed in one trip
  • Designed to deliver minimal damage upon impact to vehicle and installation
  • Hinge assembly is designed to be rebuilt saving time and money
  • Torque wrenches or other special tools are not required
  • All components are made, melted & coated in the USA
  • Increased worker and driver safety!



Square Post

(1) 4" Square Post 20', (1) 4" Square Post 24', (2) 4" Square Posts 20', (2) 4" Square Posts 24', (3) 4" Square Posts 20', (3) 4" Square Posts 24', Custom Length

Base Assembly

No, Yes


No, Yes

4" Mounting Bracket Kit

No, Yes


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