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Interstate Curb System – Channelizer

The Interstate Grade Curb System is a lane separation system that provides efficient and cost-effective channelization of traffic on freeways, toll-ways, city streets and rail-highway at-grade crossings.

This one-piece curb system links together for a continuous “picket fence” effect and consists of modular raised curb sections mountable by emergency vehicles.

Applications include: freeway median separator, rail-highway “Quiet Zone” crossings, acceleration lanes, and more.

Used with Clover-Leaf uprights

  •  Curb system reduces gate violations and improves safety
  • Stands up to vehicle impacts at over 60 mph and rebounds to

upright position

  • High visibility at night from hundreds of feet away
  • Low profile provides less hazard to both emergency vehicles

and motorcycles

  • Easily installed with our innovative anchor bolt system

38″ curb section with  36″ post and hardware


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