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SlowStop Bollards. Protect your Assets

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Protect your Assets with Our SlowStop Bollard

We’re happy to introduce our new SlowStop bollard! This bollard can help protect your assets, whether it be people, warehouse equipment, or structures.  This handy tool will keep you from costly repairs and even liabilities.


Absorbs Impacts

The main difference between this one and a typical bollard is the fact that is bends.  First, it slowly absorbs the impact and flips right be into place afterwards. With old bollards the impact goes straight into a metal object with no give.


Saves on Repairs

The SlowStop bollard also is easy to repair as opposed to the old versions that can typically cause damage to the asphalt.  The pins in the SlowStop bollard can easily be replaced, saving time and money.


Easy to Install

Did I also mention that they are easy to install?  In 15 minutes you can do it!



Check-out our super SlowStop Bollards in action.