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Preventing Crashes with a Road Diet

  |   Industry News

One of the most notorious places for crashes is on a four-lane undivided highway that forces left-turning vehicles to slow down while actively in a through lane and cross dual lanes of oncoming traffic.  Helping to prevent these types of crashes might be as simple as putting your road on a diet.



Road Diet?

A Road Diet is a reconfiguration of a traditional four-lane undivided highway that converts into three lanes – two through lanes and a center, two-way left turn lane.

According to the FWHA, implementing a Road Diet will reduced crash rates 19 to 47 percent , improve mobility and better integrate the roadway into the surround area to enhance quality of life.




Why a Road Diet?

As urban areas continue to promote programs for increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic, enhanced complete streets and livable spaces, Road Diets provide a low-cost solution to increase safety and better accommodate today’s traffic problems.

Along with crash reduction, additional benefits of Road Diets include:

  • Reduced roadway speeding
  • Reduced aggressive driving behaviors
  • Improved safety at pedestrian crossings
  • Improved safety for bicyclists on roadways
  • Increase bicycle usage


For more information on how Road Diets have been used please see the FHWA site