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Help Your Community Replace Damaged Traffic Signs

  |   Community News

Did the winter take a toll on your community traffic signs? Seeing bent poles? Downed signs can leave your roads unsafe and as wells as an eyesore in your neighborhood. There are actions you can take to help your community.



1 – Take a Photo

Nothing gets the attention of someone more than a picture. Take a photo of the sign or signal that is in need of repair and also record the exact location where the repair is needed.

2 – Submit an Inquiry

Most local municipalities have contact forms on their website dedicated for residents to request repairs or report traffic issues. Complete these forms to reach the proper city official that will be able to address your issue. If you feel the damaged or missing sign poses a direct threat to public safety, be sure to make your concerns known.

3 – Provide Suggestions

If this isn’t the first time winter conditions have damaged a sign or signal at this location, suggest the city upgrade the poles, posts and signs to better endure the elements. This will save everyone time and money from having to revisit the same site every spring.

4 – Follow Up

Response time to repair missing or damaged signs can range from less than a day to up to month, depending on the importance of the traffic sign. If the repair hasn’t been addressed within four weeks, send a follow-up email reminding your local officials of the damaged or missing sign.