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Airstar Sirocco 750 Watt Lighting Balloon

On construction sites, the lighting balloon offers higher efficiency compared to traditional strobes. You can see better and you can be seen better thanks to a homogeneous glare-free light. Using Airstar Sirocco balloons is the way to guaranty safety for your crew and also for your work site.


• Diameter: 24”w x 15”h
• Self-inflated by a built-in fan
• Tubular envelope offers a better light diffusion

Safety & Reliability

• IP54 Balloon
• The Envelope is Flame-retardant
• The fans circulating air keeps the envelope inflated and the lamp cool
• Safety system by temperature sensor


  • Mobile and compact: Ideal for lighting small areas
  • Versatile: Can be plugged in either on a generating set, main line, vehicle batteries, or cigarette lighter
  • Inflates in 45 seconds as soon as plugged in
  • Sets up by one person in less than 3 minutes
  • Compact carry case 20”x10”x10”.Weighs only 9lbs.



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