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Airstar Sirocco 400 Watt LED Lighting Balloon

The powerful illumination provided by these inflatable lights is comparable to daylight. They cover 360 degrees with uniform, glare-free illumination. These lights offer great portable and energy efficient lighting options for Fire/EMS, Military, Police, Crime Scene Investigation, Construction and Hospitals, to name just a few.


  • Lamps4 x 100 LED, 400W total
  • 50,000 h
  • 125 Im/W
  • 4 x independent panels (driver + LED)
  • Instant restrike time
  • Envelope size 36in/h24in
  • Weight without stand 22lbs
  • Quick Setup: Inflates in 45 seconds
  • One Person Installation
  • Portable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Rainproof
  • Stand Alone or Mount On Moving Equipment
  • Only Crash Tested Light Of This Kind





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