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Airstar Sirocco 2000 Watt Lighting Balloon

On construction sites, the lighting balloon offers higher efficiency compared to traditional strobes. You can see better and you can be seen better thanks to a homogeneous glare-free light. Using Airstar Sirocco balloons is the way to guarantee safety for your crew and also for your work site.


  • Average lamps life*300 hours
  • Efficiency 27 lm/W
  • Type of Lamp Socket R7S
  • Maximum power 2,000 W
  • Available voltages 100~240v / 50-60 Hz
  • Restrike time- Instant
  • Main power supply or 3kVA generator
  • Envelope diameter 3 ft
  • Envelope height 2 ft
  • Envelope options: multiple envelope colors, without reflector, reverse reflector on bottom
* Under normal conditions of use


  • Open core area lighting requirement (EN1838 norm) 16,000 sq/ft
  • Very low risk area lighting requirement for safety and security (EN12464-2 norm)
  • 8800 sq/ft
  • Light under the balloon (10 ft) 37 fc
  • Maximum lumen 54,000 lm
  • Color temperature: HOT 2,700°K-3,300°K


  • Flame-retardant fabric
  • Silver reflector to improve illumination under balloon and avoid light pollution
  • Rain and dust proof material IP54
  • Maximum ambient temperature115°F
  • Integrated fuse protection + breaker and





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